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why are people losing their money on forex ?

Financial freedom is what everyone is after but they are doing it the wrong way, why are people losing their money on forex ? ,because everyone is looking for a gold mine ,why are people losing their money on forex is the question which even those losing ask them self`s .

Here are some of the reasons why people  losing money on forex daily .

  1. People are looking for the fastest way to make money ,they end up using their pursuit of money get on their way and they get needy and greedy .
  2. People lose money because even if there are practice account to can get the drill of the market people they hardly use such materials .
  3. Studying is ,why are people losing their money on forex difficult so people they take the easy way around they play with luck on the reality which need no luck.
  4. using little money expecting to make more you became more desperate and start to trade with feelings not analysis.
  5. People never take time to learn their environment at all ,know your surrounding and you will now when to trade and when not to .Image result for why are people losing their money on forex ?
    ¬†“Experience on everything matters and learning it does not stop until you decide to stop ” Icon Makhesa

when you are willing to start something great never settle fail and get up be the best you can be ,forex is also a system which means you can still learn .

Those were mistakes most forex traders make while getting started if you have more lets .Today’s life is capitalized like it was in the past ,if you are after money be patient you will get a there.

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