What is really Money? Do you even know what Money Is?

Yes, you will be saying yes I do know what money is but I will ask again are you sure what money is?

Look at what the dictionary says ” a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively. ” I doubt it is the same one you also have.

Let me say money is the buying power and how you use the power it is up to you . Money can make you happy and can get you some of the things which will make you happy . But does it buy happiness? NO happiness can’t be bought only the things which might lead to your happiness.

Some people know how to use the power of money to get themselves even more powerful. To them, money is their slaves or workers . In other ways money work for them to make them even more powerful than ever before . You might be thinking can I also learn how this works and make it do whatever I want it to do and I end up just throwing a lot of commands and things getting done? The answer is yes it all starts with getting the right knowledge and the rest will be smooth when you already know how to use the money to work for you.

Where can I start? you might be asking or wondering. There is a lot of knowledge that if I told you there is a mine that everyone sees but never notice how worthy it is every day that could make you rich.

The mine is simply information documented by a lot of people who have tried and seen what fails and what wins and you could also learn how they are winning. Reading is what successful do and the majority don’t. Only read what is related to where you wanna be and the rest it will e easy.

Money related Books will help you learn about how money works.

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