Undergraduate and Honours, Doctoral and Masters Bursary Programme

The following students are eligible for an SKA SA undergraduate or honours bursary

  1. South African citizens and permanent residents ONLY
  2. Students who wish to study, or are studying, towards any one of the following degrees:

    • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
    • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
    • Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering
    • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science with majors in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics AND Physics
    • Bachelor of Science with majors in Astronomy and Physics
    • Bachelor of Computer Science, with co-major in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Science – Honours – Physics and Electronics / Astrophysics / Astronomy / Computer Science
  3. Students who have achieved a minimum C in Mathematics AND Physical Science in Grade 12, or a minimum 60% for major subjects at undergraduate level.
  4. Students who intend to pursue postgraduate research in radio astronomy, or in an engineering discipline relevant to radio astronomy.

How to apply

Download and read the application guide carefully before completing the online application form: https://skagrants.nrf.ac.za

Closing date

Applications closed on 19 August Annually

Doctoral and Masters Bursary Programme

The South African SKA Project will consider applications from academically excellent students who wish to undertake postgraduate-level research relevant to the scientific and technical goals of the SKA and MeerKAT radio telescopes, and who are:

  1. South African citizens, and permanent residents of South Africa; or
  2. Citizens of Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia.

How to apply

Complete the online application form: https://skagrants.nrf.ac.za

Closing date

Applications closed on 29 July Annually.