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In a bid to address housing challenges, a decision was taken that the Housing Waiting List was to be re-engineered into the Housing Demand Database for Gauteng province. Housing Demand Database is a new system of managing and planning for the demand of housing in Gauteng province.

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Applications of housing are waiting for you to apply and get housing ,start applying now and make money asap .

The Housing Demand Database refers to all housing needs in the province, whether area based, or project based or tenure options. Beneficiaries who have benefited from a housing subsidy will be flagged on the Demand Database as INACTIVE. This policy will be the only housing official database from which prospective beneficiaries will be selected for subsidy approval by the MEC

   How to apply for RDP Housing

Application for RDP Housing


  1. Catherine Mohammed

    Thanks for the info

  2. Can I apply I’m in Durban

    1. Can I apply I’m in Capetown

  3. Thanks for info

  4. I would def like to have one… nice

  5. Iwould like to apply for rdp house

  6. Can i get an rdp house toi

  7. Sibongile Promise Mahlangu

    I’ve been applying for a Rdp House for year now but every time I’m going to check whether I’m on database they say I’m not

  8. Where can I apply for these houses and what do I need because I am currently on the waiting list and my name is on the data Base

  9. hi i have been struggling to download the application form,can someone send it to me via email?

  10. Verry nice..i need one

  11. i would like to reply for a rdp house

  12. Do I qualify for rdp house?

  13. Can i apply i’m in Durban?

  14. I would like to apply for rdp house, please

  15. Am in need of a rdp house too

  16. I want the RDP house am unemployed can I apply it, I really need a home

  17. I would like to apply for a rdp house

  18. Can I apply I’m In khayelitsho @cape town

  19. Can I apply. I’m in pretoria

  20. Im in need of a house can u update me please and the. Location that this. Houawa will be build

  21. My mom. Has been on the waiting list for 20 years still didn’t receive a house.

  22. Can u send it to me by mail appl

  23. I want one of RDP they are so beautiful

  24. How do I apply need help please for a home

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