how to make money on instagram ? /Do people get paid to use Instagram?

Absolutely! Larger accounts that I refer to as “mega-accounts” (accounts which have 100k to over a million followers) make money by shouting out (advertising) other accounts. Due to the fact that brands cannot advertise on Instagram, it’s becoming a huge marketplace.

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For example, about a year ago I noticed a realization that big-brands could not advertise on Instagram. I ended up leaving a $200k per year salary and founded Chasepedia. At the time, it was one of the scariest moments of my life. Fast-forward to today, and it will be remembered as one of my defining moments. We now manage a ton of social media accounts and are one of the only Instagram Marketing Firms in the United States.

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Here’s an approximate cost for a one hour commercial on various sized accounts (number of followers = commercial cost):

100k = $20
250k = $50
500k = $100
750k = $150
1-mil = $250
1.5-mil = $400

Considering you can fit in 12+ commercials per day, basically 1 every hour, you can see how much money these people are making. If you are lucky enough to have 1.5 million followers than you can make $5000 a day by posting on Instagram. You never even have to get out of bed.

One might ask what it costs to grow an account to 1-million followers.

Well, we have clients ask us this question every day. Starting from zero followers and growing to 500k would in the neighborhood of $15,000 per month for 6-months. Growing to 1-million would take approximately the same time frame and cost $30,000 per month. You end up paying in the ballpark of 18-cents per followers.

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Calculating your return on investment.

Let’s say you spent $180,000 over 6-months growing an account to 1-million followers. Your expected earnings are between $2500 and $4500 per day. This means you could pay off your original investment (on the low end) in 72 days. On the high end, meaning you are running 18 commercials per day, in 40 days. That my friend is an opportunity!

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