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Job search tricks and tips 2018


Job search and job searching is one of the tiring things.But we are here to assist you on your job searching  from start to finish .

There are steps to consider while on your job search .This post will provide you with important factors to consider on your job application steps. 

The main goal of this post is to help you know how to search for a job online.I will give you a list of do`s and don’t.


1.Your first step to the journey of job search.

  • Check the description on the  job you are searching for.
  • Look out where you will be working and if is good for you.
  • Be familiar with  the salary if is good enough.
  • If good with the above let’s get started on your job searching.

2.Things to do when searching for a job.

Write a perfect CV.There is no perfection but make it best .If you don’t know how to go about Read How to write a best CV.Get your CV out there .Many are thrown away  make yours stand out.There are companies out there which help with jobs vacancies recruitment.There are also websites which will help you on job searching and applications for employment.Below i give you best places to search for jobs which are updated daily to weekly.

Go to the following sites :


Other things to do on your Job vacancies search.

Join platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook jobs groups and pages you will get updates hourly.

job search

job search

Things you shouldn’t do when looking for a job vacancies .

  1.  Don`t apply for jobs in town which you are not familiar with or having residences there.
  2. Don`t pay for employment.
  3. No going to private interviews.
  4. Don`t trust strangers easily.
  5. Follow job protocol not personal boss protocol (Woman targeted).
  6. Insulting people of your former job.

Things to can do to improve your work life.

  1. Make friends with your colloquies.
  2. Make no enemies to enjoy your work place.
  3. Be friendly .
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