How to survive and enjoy your life? With Covid-19 Lockdown!

There is more to life than traveling and going shopping, there is family to bond with and there is social media to connect you with the world even though these aren’t good times to be on social media . Since it is spreading fear.

Activities which are stopped like shopping you can still do them even with this lockdown there is and also other shops you visit daily they have created online stores to cover their customers and they do deliver to your doorstep all you gotta make sure you do is put money into your card and shop online and only get out when its a must.

Going to malls for games and movies, this is not the time, you can still watch all your favorite movies from your place , technology made everything easy lately and made sure that life gets simple by bringing you NetFlix and show max and to those who love dstv you can also watch it .

As for games at this time start going back to in our days when we used to play at home without having to go somewhere to can play.

To some, this is a good time to start reading books and catch up and become the genius you have always been and also use this time to learn skills that will make you survive after these difficult times passes.

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  1. Whats going on about the security?they still working,if security is working why never give them the extra salary?

    1. I’m also a security officer but I don’t understand we must continue working but our company says they will give us basic salary even if I work on a holiday they can’t pay that as a holiday this is not fair like really this is a robbing game. Even government don’t care about us

  2. My question Is?? What happen’s to the promise that was made about those that have No!!!! Work..UNEMPLOYED……..who help’s them with FUND’S please let us know we need to survive as well …one here’s to live

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