How to plant Money Trees?

Yes, you can make endless money like you are harvesting from a tree. But it will take a lot of time. Patience is always needed at all times with money is a great way to grow. The first thing you must understand is the law of compounding.

It all starts slow but once it starts going to the top it becomes fast once it’s at the top. People like Warren Buffet Understand the law of compounding and he used it and taught it to others and those who were patient enough and understood its power stick to it and are now billionaires.

Look at this R100 on 10% compounding every month in 10 years’ time it can be R 9,270,906.88. That is a lot of money all from R100 right. But the bank won’t give you 10% compounding right . That is why you should go and look for other ways you can get your money to grow by 10%of it’s capital every month.

Money to your packet can be a game of how good are you with mathematics and how good are you with the skills of sales or making deals and also connections with the right people . Yes, your network determines your net worth but it also matters how you use your network . You can have a good network and you be the bad branch.

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