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How to own an RDP house in SA?

South African citizens over the age of 21 with a total household income of less than R3 500 per month can apply for an RDP house.

South African citizens over the age of 21 with a total household income of less than R3 500 per month can apply for an RDP house.
Property24 readers posed questions ranging from how to buy an RDP house to what happens to the house when a couple divorce.

We asked Xolani Xundu from the Department of Human Settlements to respond to reader questions:

Give us a guide on how to own an RDP house?

People applying for an RDP house should:

– be a South African citizen

– over 21 years of age

– must have a total household income of less than R3 500 per month

– must be married or live with a partner or be single and have dependents (children you are responsible for)

– must never have owned a house or a property anywhere in South Africa

– applicants will only ever get one housing subsidy (except for consolidation subsidy) so they must use it wisely

– the names of both partners are then added onto a database. If they separate from their partner whose name appears in the database, they will not be granted another subsidy with a new partner

– applications can be done at all local housing departments and they will be added on the housing waiting list. Applicants will be notified when their house is ready.

– RDP houses are not for sale, they are free.

– anyone who wants to extend or renovate their RDP house before eight years of ownership must get permission to do so from their local municipality

Do you give special treatment to disabled applicants?

Yes we do.  When housing projects are designed by provinces and municipalities, the specific needs of disabled persons are recorded and specific houses are then constructed for these beneficiaries.

When housing projects are designed by provinces and municipalities, the specific needs of disabled persons are recorded and specific houses are then constructed for these beneficiaries.
The nature of the persons’ disabilities will dictate what improvements will be effected to their houses.

For example, if the beneficiary or a family member of the beneficiary is wheel chair bound, then the house will receive special ramps to access points of the dwelling, special kick plates to doors and grab handles in the bathroom.

In addition, where a beneficiary buys an existing house and has disabilities that require special measures the subsidy amount will be enhanced to make funds available for the adjustment of the dwelling.

What happens when a married couple gets an RDP house and then they divorce?

When married beneficiaries divorce, the divorce order of the Court will determine what will happen to the RDP house they received.

Normally the Court will award the house to the woman and the property is then transferred into her name.

But the parties could agree in the divorce settlement to dispose of the house and to share the amount they receive from the sale transaction.

However, all subsidy houses are subject to an eight year sale restriction provision and the Provincial Government may decide to take the property back without any compensation and the beneficiaries may then re-apply for a subsidy house if they satisfy the qualification criteria.

Xundu adds that applicants who want more information or to check how far they are on the waiting list, can contact the national department hotline on 0800 1(house)/46873


  1. Nomthandazo Dubazana

    Hi .
    I’m single mom staying in Soweto and I’m desperately In need of a house I’m renting a house with my 2 teenage kids and life is not right were I’m leaving. I’m tired of bullying by landlord taking advantage of my situation. Please help me I do have C-form of 1999

  2. Thank you I’ll appreciate that.

  3. Ntombifuthi Zikode

    I’m a single mom with two boys, I’m staying in Daveyton etwatwa ,I’m I’m tired of renting and my first born is doing matric this year, he might go to tertiary next year , please help me find an RDP house around Gauteng, my number 0720968439/ 0607551437 but I dont have form C.

  4. I am a single having 2 kids boy and girl.i am working but i cant afford to build a house.please help me.i am on contact is 0728447915

  5. Hi lm Reginald I need house I have 7 kids I’m rent one room

  6. I have applied for housing 11 years ago.I am currently a backyarder and the landlady passed away almost 2 years ago.Everybody just come and goes a the pleases l.If the son is in jail the father wu was divorced from the mother more then 14 years ago moves back then its his house. When the son comes from prison its his house and rules.I don’t know what to do.I’m a mother with 2 kids. Need help pls

  7. Hi my name is Bongiwe Simelane I’m really really much intrested to have my own RDP house I’m tired of renting please assist me.

    Thank you

  8. I am a single mom with two minor children. I was evicted from my home in January 2018 and am currently residing at my church. This is just a temporary arrangement until I can get back on my feet. The home I was evicted from belonged to my Dad. He passed away a few years back and unfortunately left the house to my sister. She in turn had me and my kids evicted with. I have no where else to go and no family support. The only support I have is that of my church family,and as I said our living arrangement with them is only temporary. We are from plumstead,capetown

  9. I’m a mother of 2 no place to stay can’t afford the rent now we are hiding our selves in a small shark, it is bad when it rains

  10. I am a 29 year old girl , staying with my lil sister and 2 kids of ours. We would love to have a better house….we stay in 2 room flat.
    My dream is to build a new one because we cant renovate the old one at all, its raining everywhere.

  11. Hi I’m a single mother with two kids one is 13 and 4 years I wanted to make my kids proud to have a house to call home one day pls I will be happy since they are growing every day

  12. Hi my name is buyiswa martins i’m really much intrested to have my own house RDP house i’m tired of renting please assist me @ 079 049 7998

  13. Hi my name is zamuxolo gongotha i’m really much intrested to have my own.RDP house i’m.tired of renting please 078 531 3816

  14. Hi my name is buyisws martins am 38 years old i’m really much my own RDP house i’m tired of stay in a shack & renting please assist me 079 049 7998

  15. I am a Father to a son a husband to Wife i Need a home please

  16. Hi I would really like to own my RDP house I’m renting a RDP house with my husband and 3kids I have applied for a house 15yrs ago and I wasn’t married and had a kid and I’m still waiting until now the rent money people ask are to much and we can’t afford it

  17. I am a single mom with 2 children ,mother and 1sister we would like a better house we stay in 1room at Mayvelle, its hard when it raining I can’t afford to build a house because I’m not working
    Snenhlanhla Mdluli

  18. Hi my name is beryl leroux I have applied for RDP house and my name is on the data Base at for council I have 2 children in school and tyred of renting and moving to different homes my daughter is doing matric next year so I would be happy is I can provide them with a place to call home please tell me what steps I should take to get a RDP house please I will be greatfull if someone can just direct me to the right places I’m also employed so I think I might stand a chance to apply for these houses
    Thank you in advance. BERYL

  19. hi, Im a 38 yr married woman with 4 children and my husband currently not working and battle to find another job, we currently struggling, bcuz we had to move out of a house that we were renting for 5yrs,now we curently living with my parents, and we desperately need a place of our own wich we can afford,thank you…………………………………

  20. i am mojalefa matlho im the father and im luking for rdp house bcz i dnt own house i want me and my famely to fil dt south africa is takeking working very hard for us thnx

  21. plz south africa i now we ar not all of us get help but we need help bcz one south african allwayz south african

  22. It will be a dream come true for me and family owning our own house I’m sure we will turn that house into a place that we can call home

  23. We are parents of four kid’s staying at a small privacy at all.we like to get an RDP house. Please assist me.I am working.I am staying at Kagiso.

  24. Hi
    I I’m 26 years old unemployed man and i’ve matric certificate I’m stay on old house it have cracks so I need an RDP house.
    I’m stying at north west

  25. My name is Engela masobeng I’m living with my mother me and my husband tried to look for a place since when have moved from the previous place we have stayed because life there was not good for a child to grow me and husband found a job on a farm called villionfarms vreesniet but now I’m on holiday and my husband is doing cashell jobs just to provide for our family and its not nice to stay with my husband at my mothers place its awkward I did apply for a house but the municipality says we are on the waiting list if there is houses there is people getting houses but not us who have applied for it for many years we waited now please help us

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