Eskom Maintenance Learnership Programme

The Eskom  provides another learnership program to improve youth of South African through Eskom maintenance learnership. Learnership is a program allows its potential learners to experience both theoretical training and practical training. In addition, usually the percentage for practical training is higher than the other one. To win the learnership from Eskom, ensure that you can meet with these follow criteria; (1) you hold grade 12 in maths and physical science, (2) or you have N3 qualification in maths and engineering science, and (3) your capability in English as second language.

Some other things like competencies and skills to apply Eskom maintenance learnership are considered. Thus, you need to make sure that you have; (1) computer skill, (2) both great planning and organization skills, (3) skills to solve problem, so then you can handle any obstacles that may occur during the learnership, (4) your skill to utilize science knowledge and maths, (5) you are familiar with electrical equipment, technical, and energy conversion, (6) excellent communication skills, and (7) ensure that you have good analytical skill, skill for cognitive thinking, and also you should be a personal with self driven attitude.

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