Covid-19: Dept of Education announces a tentative school return date for Secondary and Primary Schools

During a media briefing on the current plan, the department revealed that Grades 7 and 12 will be allowed to return as early as 6 May if all goes smoothly.

Schools will be expected to carry out daily screening to check the temperatures of pupils and teachers alike, those who present high temperatures will be considered for isolation and testing. Pupils will be provided with two cloth face masks as part of the proposed ‘essential hygiene and sanitation package’.

A key priority is ensuring strict hygiene measures are put into place and water is available for regular hand washing. The department looked to how other nations handled Covid-19 when it came to allowing schools to return to normal, noting that Taiwan had employed strict social distancing, temperature screening, face masks, and even plastic dividers between desks. China had adopted a similar plan, allowing gradual phases for different grades to resume schooling.

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