Coronavirus Cases Increase to 1187 and the Good news is 31 Recovered

As lockdown Continues it was announced yesterday that there are now 11 Doctors Affected and in total 1187 Cases Confirmed for testing positive on coronavirus and only 1 death reported so far due to coronavirus.

There is also good news to the people of South Africa which is that 31 people have recovered so far, we are expecting the number of infection to drop and the number of recoveries to climb the ladder as we are hurting and devasted by the lockdown.

The economy as a whole is suffering big time and many businesses might not make it to the end of this lockdown since they depending on revenue to stay alive and now revenue is still not getting in. And many jobs won’t be available after this lockdown since the businesses would have fallen.

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  1. they say taxis must only work on certain times, can the media please go to taxi ranks and see how packed people are.and the ques to enter stores. please

  2. can someone please go to taxi ranks and see. and please go to food stores.let us know how to survive being so packed at taxi ranks

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