Coronavirus: 1 170 Cases confirmed as ministers brief coronavirus South Africa

Speaking during a National Command Council update Minister of defence Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula revealed that initially, the intention was to lock down Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape.
– The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to 1 170 on the first day of lockdown – This was revealed at an inter-ministerial briefing on the current situation – The regulation limiting passengers in public transport has been lifted to help workers to travel.

Mapisa-Nqkula admitted that some failures were noted during the launch of operations on Friday. The minister explained that the SANDF will be moving around in a bid to monitor the situation. Numerous citizens have been moving from province to province with some finding themselves stranded at borders unable to pass through. In addition to this, the minister defended President Cyril Ramaphosa’s military dress when he spoke to members of the SANDF, adamant that as commander-in-chief he was within his rights.

Police Minister Bheki Cele says that with only 2 400 officers a total of 172 roadblocks were put into place, a good night in his books. Cele noted that a total of 55 citizens were arrested for breaking liquor laws, reiterating that people should heed the calls to adhere to the regulations. As for citizens seeking to purchase essential items during this period, Cele promised that a solution would be announced.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said that transport as far as aircraft has now completely ceased. Mbalula reiterated that curfews have been put into place to regulate that movement of public transport during the lockdown, admitting challenges in the current regulations. The minister said that the 50% limit for vehicles has been increased to 60% in an effort to help essential workers to travel.

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  1. Yes is true corona virus is gone but is up to us to believe that is gone.everything is about believing in God the creator of the heaven and earth.God want us go back to him.he want us to repent. He said if my people can humble themselves and seek my face .i will for give them.he promise to heal our land.and beelive me or not .God is not a man that he can lia.isaiah 26:20. Says go into your houses,my people,and shut the door bihind you.hide yourselves for a little while until God’s anger is over.but people they dont listen,they think is a joke.they are so blind that they cant even see death comming on they way.the divil make them blind .

  2. Good morning , thank you for all your information in this site!! We are so confused regarding the walking and excersise situation! Health minister Zweli Mkhize statement on Thursday 26 of March was that it would be allowed? And now I see again it is not!! We live on a private estate and there is hardly people around! Please be so kind to clear this confusion????

    1. You can do the walk but dont find yourself near another person you dont know or suspect they might be infected .and don’t go to places which are overcrowded not everyone is yet tested which means people who are infected are even more

  3. Hi Admin. What I want to know is since they said 1meter apart frm the other what about my husband. Does these mean that we have to sleep in separate rooms now until I dnt know when. Pls. enlighten me cos really confused

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