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Medium sized practices, such as ours, have the unique ability to offer trainees a very broad range of professional, commercial and inter-personal experiences, and a more attractive advancement path – the progression of which is dependent directly on the trainee’s effort and commitment

  • A training environment in which close working relationships result in life-long professional associations and friendships.
  • A training environment in which trainees work directly with the partners and training officers, and benefit significantly from “apprentice-style” training.
  • Intimate involvement with clients and an opportunity to learn from a wide variety of industries and business, including intimate knowledge of their business systems and business risks – no two days are alike.
  • In a smaller office environment, there are unparalleled opportunities to stand out from the crowd where the effort and commitment equal the reward.
  • Smaller office environments enable faster progression to supervisory levels, and the transfer of management and personnel skills are intense and invaluable.
  • Educational lectures for all staff on relevant topics and access to final qualifying examination courses.
  • Staff development through the attendance of various update seminars run by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and other accredited associations.

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