Are you?

  • A South African citizen?
  • Studying or preparing to study towards a DEGREE in IT at a recognised South African University? (Computer Science, Computer & Software Engineering, Information Technology, Informatics)
  • Do you have a minimum overall academic average of 70%?
  • Passionate about creating and building software?

If this sounds like you, and you’re chomping at the bit to get your IT-related degree, so that you can wow the world with your software skills, then BBD’s Bursary Programme could help you with some of the costs associated with your university studies.


Projects You can be Proud Of:

There are no cake walks at BBD, let’s get that clear. The deadlines are tough and the projects are challenging. But our teams are completely committed to our vision of quality.

We provide our employees with all of the tools that they need to do excellent work, and encourage them to work on every project with pride and passion.

BBD also has an active interest in uplifting South Africa. Social responsibility programmes and innovative, community-based projects are part and parcel of our daily duties, and we welcome new ideas and enthusiastic effort in this space.

A Clearly-Laid Career Path

BBD is based on a meritocracy, which means that every single employee is given the same opportunity to excel and develop, regardless of how long they have been at the company, or in the industry. We seek to provide a stimulating work environment, and have thus consistently received high accolades in the Deloitte’s Best Company to Work for Survey.

Our leaders understand all of the complexities involved in the projects that we work on, and provide absolute support to our analysts, developers and testers.

Your career path at BBD is truly in your hands, and we want nothing more than to see you succeed.
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BBDA Culture of Learning

At BBD we believe that education is a life-long pursuit. We learn from one another, from industry thought leaders, from our mentors and from our ‘young blood’. To us, knowledge is a precious resource that can only be multiplied by sharing it.

From in-house tech sessions and workshops, to formal, post-graduate qualifications, we encourage every employee to constantly learn, challenge and develop their own understanding in their field.

BBD also sponsors and participates in IT communities such as IIBA and the Java User Groups (JUGS) Tech conference.

Creative Thinking and Innovative Problem-Solving

BBD works with industry leaders across the banking, insurance, telecoms industries, and with public sector leaders looking to make a difference. This means that we are continually faced with new challenges which require creative thinking and innovative solutions that can be implemented within a given timeline and budget.

Sure, we make it look easy, but it’s a lot harder in practice.

Part of our genius is finding ways to keep legacy software maintained in a cost effective manner, while creating innovative solutions that allow our clients to stand out in their markets.

BBD has been involved in some of the first mobile capacity projects in the country, and has worked as lead architects and designers on a number of starts ups, including Nashua and King Price Insurance to name but two.

Recognition and Rewards

At BBD what you earn is important, and is checked against industry benchmarks…. But we also believe that working here should be a calling, not just a job.

We offer incentives, prizes, performance bonuses, awesome events, rewards programmes, team sports and a number of fun, extracurricular activities that will help you and your team unwind and celebrate at the end of every successful project deployment.

Plus, who doesn’t want to win a day off every now and then?

Do you have what it takes to join us?

 closing date 15 december